Why Hire Us?

A lot of business people are good with Google, but if you’ve spent 15 minutes on Google and haven’t found what you need, it’s time to call the professionals. Google is fine, but we do research.

Not only do we get the right answers, we help you ask the right questions. Before we even start a project we work with you to identify your needs and refine your questions to help us give you the most essential information for your business.

Perhaps the biggest benefit we offer our customers is time: time to use information instead of finding it. We’re very good at what we do, so chances are we can get the data you need faster than you could get them yourself. But on top of that it’s time that you can put to better use doing the things you do best.

Much of the best information is not available through conventional search engines. We know how to find that information and bring it to you. We comb the specialized areas of the Deep Web and proprietary databases such as Dialog, Hoovers, Biosis, and Engineering Index. When Google is the right tool for the job, we know the tricks of the trade to get the knowledge you need from the trillions (yes, trillions) of pages on the World Wide Web.

We won’t just dump a bunch of web links and articles in your lap, either. We will generate a report and summary, giving you sources and analyzing the information to present the facts and connections you need, clearly and concisely.

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