About Us

Today’s business runs on information. That’s practically a cliche, but what does it mean? It means that your success often depends on how you use and convey information, to your customers, your employees, and your investors.

Strong technical documentation provides the information you and your stakeholders need to do business, in the form of white papers, blog posts, grant applications, user documentation, and internal SOPs.

Thank you for visiting Matrix Information Service. I’m Paul Scott, the Info-Wrangler-in-Chief. I provide full-service business research and technical documentation to help you reach your business goals. My main focus is in life sciences, legal cannabis, artificial intelligence and software, but we can handle queries for any company in any sector.

_DSC0761My friends call me a “full-stack technical writer,” because I have a background in the hard sciences and I work with my clients’ tech directly. I get in and figure out how the system works. I talk to the subject matter experts in their own language – chemistry, biochemistry, or engineering. And I learn not just what needs to be documented, but why – the underlying business need.

Our company message is “What do you need to know?” because business professionals spend much of their time finding and using information of all sorts. Our business at Matrix is making information easier to find and to use, whether by researching information for a new project or helping our clients present information to their customers in the form of technical documentation.

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