Research Services

Matrix provides a range of research and documentation services, each designed to help our clients make better business decisions and serve their own customers more effectively. Some of these services include:

Industry overviews:

      If you are preparing to enter a market or if you need background on an industry, we can prepare a report to give you exactly the knowledge you need.

Competitor profiles:

      Identifying competitors in a new market or preparing in-depth studies of a particular company.

Vendor pre-selection:

      Identifying specialty suppliers who provide specific goods or services, who have particular certifications, or meet other select criteria.

Topical research:

      Preparing white papers to help busy executives, consultants, and attorneys get up to speed in a new field of interest.

Current awareness:

      We provide alerts and ongoing reports to help you keep track of developments concerning a particular company, market, or technology.

Reports the way you need them:

      Matrix is about giving you the knowledge you need, helping you manage the information firehose. We prepare reports at whatever level of detail you require, whether it’s an in-depth write-up with an executive summary or concise answers to specific questions.

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